Oil Painting Master Class in PASA

All inspirations of artwork come from real life, originate from the pursuance and gnosis with life on the mass land of the west, and through working diligently and tirelessly. That’s exactly what Yong Zhou did, pursuing this path and continue to grow his painting power and accomplishments in decades. When viewing his oil paintings, one can strongly feel that the life in the west has totally blended into his blood. The unique shape and lines, high-spirited and exaggerated colors, distinct and prominent theme, as well as the fellow countrymen that are tenaciously living through the arduous frontier regions that he never neglected to pay attention to, fully reveal the distinctive characteristics of his painting. Using his drawing brush, he painted out a picture of focus on western China and western America, painted out his love for painting and also the caring and responsibility for the society as an artist.


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