The Princeton Arts & Sports Academy will be accepting admissions for 9th - 12th grades and Post Graduate Studies for the 2021 school year. At PASA, students are able to make significant academic progress and pursue their passions in an environment that is encouraging and motivating. Our rigorous program challenges students and supports their growth through a rich and varied curriculum.

Our dedicated faculty value educational excellence and focus not only the academic achievements, but also encourages students to pursue their passions in the Arts, STEM, and Sports.

At PASA, you can focus on academics and hone the skills needed to excel in a career you could only dream of. Take your passion for the arts, sports, or robotics further than you can anywhere else. Explore your artistic potential and enrich your learning experience through creative and interdisciplinary collaborations. 


Be inspired and learn the necessary skills needed to become exceptional artists in the areas of fine art, music, visual arts, and more.

At PASA, we inspire, educate, and fully prepare the talents and creativity of our students to become well-rounded, exceptional artists. 

It is impossible to walk through the halls of PASA and not be intrigued by the vibrant art on display.


At PASA, students learn to embrace creative exploration and hone the skills needed to use a variety of art mediums and techniques, inspired by cultural and art historical models. They learn to make personal artistic decisions as they explore and refine their ideas, thoughts, and skills.


PASA provides you a state-of-the-art facility to help you refine your skills in the areas of basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and more.


Students learn from some of the world’s most leading minds in sport education, sports strength, and conditioning. Be trained by professionals instructors that are known to be the best in their fields: former professional/collegiate coaches and athletes, former Olympians, USA Swimming registered coaches, and many more.

Students develop the skills, talent, discipline, and character necessary to optimally reach your highest level of personal achievement and growth.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. Our world is changing rapidly, and at PASA, we are committed to training our students to have the most essential skills in dynamic, critical thinking through our multi-disciplinary approach, in tandem with New Age innovations.


Our faculty is equipped with to help students through the school year, as well as professional networking, job opportunities and more as a PASA alum.

financial AID

Financial aid at PASA/TPS is based on each family's ability to pay. In accordance with the National Association of Independent School's "Principles of Good Practice", we believe that the primary responsibility for funding a child's education lies with the family. As such, we expect that each family will fund the child's education to the extent that they are able. Our financial aid program is designed to aid families after they have considered all of their own resources.


PASA/TPS uses School and Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications. This process ensures that your information will be delivered accurately, securely, and quickly to our school.


The Princeton Arts & Sports Academy is a private coeducational high school in the Princeton area for students who want to pursue a serious, purposeful and dynamic education with others who feel the same way. 


99 Clarksville Rd, Princeton, NJ 08550

General: 609.570.7272 |  609.356.5011





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